Personalised jingles

Contact us
Tell us which is your radio (website or platform to listen to it), how many jingles you want to listen to,
The style (rock / pop / acoustic / dance / hiphop …), the speeds (we don’t need bpm, it’s also enough “slow”, “rhythmic”, “dance”, “quiet”) and how many theme songs (weather program? Traffic? News? Or the specific program you want the song).
We will reply to you and send you a detailed quote that you can examine, change, check and finally sign up.
Our producers will get down to work to create the most appropriate music arrangements based on your indications.
Thanks to you, our vocalists will finally be able to complete the workout in the shower and get in our recording rooms to bring your words to life.
On air!
After all this waiting, you just have to download the finished audio files from the reserved area!